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P7 Marta Veličković BA in English language and literature 2003, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Niš; MA (magistar) in English linguistics, 2010, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Niš; PhD in English linguistics, 2017, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Niš; Assistant Professor in English linguistics, Department of English, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Niš. Research areas: cognitive science, cognitive linguistics, applied cognitive linguistics, article acquisition, L2 writing. Board member of the Serbian Association for the Study of English (since 2019). Number of citations: 38, h-Index: 3, i-10-index: 1 (Google Scholar, May 16, 2022).

Selected Papers

  • Veličković, M. (in press) L2 English article suppliance among tertiary level students: the impact of specificity Teme. University of Niš. 
  • Veličković, M. (2021) The missing piece of the puzzle: articles in elementary-school EFL textbooks. Nasleđe, year XVIII, volume 48, p. 351-368. University of Kragujevac: FILUM. 
  • Veličković, M. (2020) English L2 Definite Article Instruction at the Serbian L1 Tertiary Level. Facta Universitatis, Series: Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education, 1, p. 197-210. 
  • Veličković, M., Danilović-Jeremić J. (2020) Taking a stand: stance strategies in L1 Serbian English learners’s expository essays. The Journal of Teaching English for Specific and Academic Purposes, 8(2), p. 147-158. 
  • Veličković, M. (2018) Using Think Aloud Protocols to Assess the Use of the Definite Article with Serbian Students of English. FACTA UNIVERSITATIS-Series Linguistics and Literature, 16(2), p. 133-156.
  • Danilović, Jelena R., Dimitrijević, Marta V. The Problem of Synforms in Serbian EFL Learners Revisited. Romanian Journal of English Studies, ISSN 1584-3734, 2014, vol. 11, str. 244-254. [COBISS.SR-ID 514826158] 
Science Fund Logo
Science Fund Logo