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Structuring Concept Generation with
the Help of Metaphor, Analogy and Schematicity


Language, Music, Visual Art – common sense notions and academic systems have both treated meaning generation by these three semiotic codes as disparate, unique activities. The aim of our project is to look beyond existent notions, rooted either in common sense or scientific thinking, in order to discover a novel, unified perspective.


Drawing upon 50 years of groundbreaking research in the field of linguistics, our investigation builds on current trends in cognitive linguistics, psycholinguistics and multimodal studies with the aim of building a truly multidisciplinary approach to meaning generation.

The Project Proposes

The identification of schematic undercurrents is an important step in the overall project but by no means the only one – analysis of Serbian and English corpora, psycholinguistic verification and the compiling of algorithmic protocols are also important parts of the overall proposal.


The project is expected to yield at least five proof-of-concept complexes, publicized in various papers and presented as conference presentations.


The results of the research are expected to yield guidelines for practical application of rules for concept construction in artificial intelligence, foreign language instruction, public speaking and special education settings.

About The Project

Drawing upon a 50 year tradition of groundbreaking research in the field of theoretical and cognitive linguistics, the SCHEMAS project brings together experts from various fields in an effort to discover concepts that underlie disparate cognitive phenomena such as language, music and visual arts. The ultimate aim of the project is the creation of a unified, multimodal theoretical framework and associated algorithmic protocols, which would be readily applicable to different phenomena irrespective of their modality.

Project Team

Project Timeline

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